Sarah Jaffe joins us to discuss the historical significance of the West Virginia teachers strike, Bari Weiss continues the New York Times tradition of attacking student activists, and Trump may have engaged in some light witness tampering. Sarah Jaffe, via Twitter   00:00 - Welcome to Radio Dispatch 00:30 - The constant inconsequential chaos of the Trump administration 15:05 - Sarah Jaffe on West Virginia 36:23 - Bari Weiss gets it factually and analytically wrong 55:20 - Trump keeps talking to witnesses 59:47 - Credits, “Child” by Acid Dad 60:59 - Finish
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Cynthia Nixon declares that she will challenge Andrew Cuomo in the New York Democratic primary, the Austin bombing suspect is dead, the “Won’t You Be My Neighbor” trailer describes the radicalism of Fred Rogers, and Morning John the women challenging Trump. Cynthia Nixon Photo by Metropolitan Transportation Authority of the State of New York courtesy of Wikimedia Commons 00:00 - Welcome to Radio Dispatch 00:30 - This day in history 07:56 - Morning John on the three women mounting legal challenges against Trump 29:33 - Cynthia Nixon and “celebrilty politics” 52:44 - The Austin bombing suspect has died 57:50 - Credits, “Boyz Seco Men” by Chai 59:00 - Finish
Ryan Devereaux joins us to discuss his story on an Iraqi family separated by ICE, Morning John on the anniversary of the Iraq war, and Cynthia Nixon declares that she’s running for governor of New York against Andrew Cuomo.     photo by United States Government courtesy of Wikimedia Commons 00:00 - Welcome to Radio Dispatch 00:30 - Can’t stop making Sex and the City references 03:51 - Morning John on 15 years since the invasion of Iraq 29:33 - Ryan Devereaux on the story of a family separated by ICE 60:19 - Credits, “First Song” by Caroline Says 61:04 - Finish
Andrew McCabe is fired hours before his retirement, a whistleblower reveals how Facebook harvested data from user profiles, the racism of Centrist Democrats’ bank deregulation support, and listener mail. Andrew G. McCabe photo by U. S. Federal Bureau of Investigation courtesy of Wikimedia Commons 00:00 - Welcome to Radio Dispatch 00:30 - Happy Spring and Earth Day 09:42 - Morning John on McCabe and Facebook 36:38 - The racism of centrism 45:24 - Listener mail 59:23 - Credits, “Lay of the Land” by Oneida 60:16 - Finish
Morning John joins us to talk Trump’s desire to instate the death penalty for drug dealers, the imminent ouster of H.R. McMaster, and Mueller subpoenaing the Trump organization. Also, Jesse Myerson is here to talk Cuomo’s die-in and the power of the Parkland teens to shape the left. Jesse Myerson, via Twitter. 00:00 - Welcome to Radio Dispatch 00:30 - Molly wishes you had a good St. Patricks day 05:41 - Morning John on the death penalty, McMaster, and Mueller 33:00 - Jesse Myerson on Cuomo’s die in in Zuccotti park 53:59 - Listener mail on white supremacist teachers 59:12 - Credits, “Mirror Power” by True Blue 60:11 - Finish
Students across the country walk out of their schools on the one month anniversary of the Parkland shooting, some adults misguidedly encourage kids to “walk up” instead of “out,” and the House passes a “school safety bill” that’s does nothing about guns. Emma Gonzalez Protest Sign photo by Robb Wilson courtesy of Wikimedia Commons 00:00 - Welcome to Radio Dispatch 00:30 - On today’s show it’s youth and protests, together! 06:31 - Morning John on the repeal of Dodd Frank 29:47 - Students from Kindergarten to High School walk out across the country 57:59 - Credits, “Edge Of” by True Blue 59:30 - Finish
Pennsylvania’s election results are a good sign for 2018 but let’s hope Democrats don’t think centrism is the only lesson, how black mothers remain excluded from the “work-life” balance, and listener mail. Christine Louis, via Facebook 00:00 - Welcome to Radio Dispatch 00:30 - How do we feel about St Patrick’s day? 08:50 - Morning John on the Pennsylvania special election 26:15 - How mothers of color are boxed out from the “work life” balance narrative 46:03 - Listener mail 57:20 - “Harvest Box” by listener Christine Louis 60:06 - Finish
Jesse Myerson joins us to talk about the organizing takeaways from the massive strike in West Virginia, Rex Tillerson has been ousted as Secretary of State, and Trump targets Obama era school discipline policies to blame for school shootings. Jesse Myerson, via Twitter. 00:00 - Welcome to Radio Dispatch 00:30 - Some business announcements 06:09 - Morning John on the ousting of Rex Tillerson 26:35 - Jesse Myerson on what WV teachers showed us about what’s possible 50:47 - Trump somehow blames Obama for Parkland 59:17 - Credits, “Hallelujah (So Low)” by Editors 60:13 - Finish
Alexis Goldstein joins us to talk about the Bank Lobbyist act, Betsy DeVos lays bare the education reform agenda in a 60 Minutes interview, and Trump stands by arming teachers but not raising the age to buy assault rifles. Alexis Goldstein, via Twitter 00:00 - Welcome to Radio Dispatch 00:30 - Treating young people with dignity 18:12 - Alexis Goldstein on the bank deregulation bill 40:00 - Unpacking the DeVos interview 58:36 - Credits, “Kid Gloves” by Liza Anne 59:48 - Finish