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Officials from Iraq and Saudi Arabia spar over the bombing of Yemen

Officials from Iraq and Saudi Arabia spar over the bombing of Yemen, protests nationwide on fight for 15 and Black Lives Matter, and a listener blog keeping Pride queer.
Radio Dispatch updates

“Put it on my tombstone!” Listener Dark Humor edition

Listener Joseph has created two very appropriate potential tombstones for Molly:

Molly Knefel - Father of Outrage Molly Knefel - Nah Miss

Thank you Joseph! Molly does not plan on ever using these but that’s because she’ll figure out how to become immortal.

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Radio Dispatch Video Episode 2

Good morning, Scoochers. Here is our second foray into video. Let us know what you think or what we could do differently!

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Radio Dispatch Video, episode 1

Hi Scoochers! Here we are in video form. This is a glimpse of what we hope to begin doing weekly, creating bonus content in order to provide more bang for the bucks you are donating to us. Let us know what you think!

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OMG you guys, look! Radio Dispatch now has t-shirts, totes, and mugs for your wearing, toting, and drinking pleasure! Check out our Zazzle store! The t-shirts are pricey, but they are high quality. And ignore the gender labels, obv.

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Oops, I Hacked Ya!

Hi there Scoochers,

Listener Nate Bear (@natebear) has contributed to our idea for our next collective project, entitled “Oops, I Hacked Ya!” about the CIA’s spying on the Senate Intelligence Committee’s torture report. Here’s the beginning:

IMG_20150120_085328 IMG_20150120_085340 IMG_20150120_085351 IMG_20150120_085402 IMG_20150120_085410
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Kristof Alert

From listener Nate Bear (@natebear), Nick Kristof is having a thought:

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The phrase “Outrage Machine” is very silly

So here is a very silly image to accompany it.

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