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Good afternoon, Scoochers!

Here are the links for today’s show. We talk with Mike Ludwig, investigative reporter at Truthout, about his exciting report on settlements re: off shore fracking in Califorina: Following Truthout Investigation, Settlements Halt Fracking Off the Coast of California

And the outro music is “Escapements” by Beacon.

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Show Notes 2/11/2016

Hey there scoochers. What a wild couple of days, huh? Hell of a time to live in the US.

Today’s show is really exciting. We’ve got Seth Freed Wessler on to discuss his amazing investigation into the deaths of 103 immigrants in private US prisons. You can read his story here.

The rest of the show is us talking about the results from New Hampshire. John shares an unpopular fear that will likely generate a fair amount of listener pushback. Molly shares a memory from 2008 on the night of Obama’s victory. It’s a good one, through and through.

The outro song is “Underside,” by You Say Party.

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Show notes for today’s episode, 2/10/16

Good afternoon, Scoochers!

On today’s show we talk with Evan Siegfried, a Republican strategist. What! I know! It’s a very interesting conversation and we’re happy that Evan was game and joined us!

We also talk about John’s latest column at Inverse, Cops May Quell the Next Baltimore-Like Uprising With Tear Gas Drones

The outro music is “Ignorance” by You Say Party.

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Show notes for today’s episode, 2/9/16

Good afternoon, Scoochers!

On today’s show, we talk with New York Times investigative reporter Walt Bogdanich about tonight’s New York Times investigation/Frontline documentary “The Fantasy Sports Gamble.” Watch it on PBS tonight or at Frontline’s website!

We also talk about comments by Madeleine Albright and Gloria Steinem about young women who don’t support HRC/support Bernie: Gloria Steinem and Madeleine Albright Rebuke Young Women Backing Bernie Sanders

And the outro music is “Gumption” by Your Friend.

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Show notes 2/8/2016

Hey scoochers! Monday again, back to the grind. Molly is back in town now, so we’re on our normal recording schedule again.

On today’s show, we talk about one of my recent Inverse columns, this time about micro-drones. You can hear the dread in Molly’s voice in the opening.

After that, it’s a bunch of listener mail.

The outro song is “Disco Night Driver,” by Laser.

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Show notes for today’s episode, 2/5/16

Good afternoon, Scoochers–

Here’s the main story we talk about on today’s episode:

Are charter schools the new subprime loans? (Think ‘The Big Short’)

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Show Notes for 2/5/16

Hi there scoochers! Once again, this show was recorded a little bit in advance, but the stories are depressingly, constantly relevant.

First off, we discuss this story from the Washington Post about the parallels between charter schools and subprime mortgages.

After that, we talk about this Atlantic story that dissects the myth that Obama “lost” Iraq.

The outro music is “Dhyana by the River” by Jenny Gillespie.

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