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Kristof Alert

From listener Nate Bear (@natebear), Nick Kristof is having a thought:

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The phrase “Outrage Machine” is very silly

So here is a very silly image to accompany it.

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Fan art!

I, Molly, have been meaning to post two AMAAAAAZING pieces of fan art we received lately, both from listener Danielle (@BurlyQEinstein). The first is Radio Dispatch Junior; the second comes from us speculating that the words we say most often on the show are probably “drone,” “privilege,” and “Occupy.”

RadioDispatchJr occupydroneprivilege


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Oopsie Daisey

Hello dearest Scoochers. Our wonderful guest Parker’s name is misspelled on today’s little blurby deal, above. It is entirely Molly’s fault (this is written by Molly, not John trying to dispel blame. John is currently on vacation).

Parker’s name should read Parker Marie Molloy. Radio Dispatch loves you all very much and apologizes for the error.

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John’s childhood

Resident scoocher artist @akcook has rendered another striking representation, this time of John’s childhood (Molly is there too). Other children of the 90s, play along to seek and find: bubble tape, ring pop, Little Foot from Land Before Time.

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Robot Dispatch

Brilliant and stunningly accurate artist @akcook has rendered another image of the Radio Dispatch studio, expertly capturing Molly’s relationship with her new Roomba.

John, "we have a show to record, Molly." Molly, "I said 30 degrees PORT, not STARBOARD, Roomba!"

John, “we have a show to record, Molly.”
Molly, “I said 30 degrees PORT, not STARBOARD, Roomba!”

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Radio Dispatch Visual Representation


Caption from the artist, @akcook:

“(especially smug) John and his *pomegranate pancakes* blueberry pancake progress.
Molly sitting improperly in any chair that is not an office chair.
OWL in front of how I always imagine Brooklyn.

Missing: standup desk, manface, hack my heart manuscripts, kinnect Zumba, gitmo merch, simpsons posters, scoocher bench…

*edit: scrap that* “

Thanks to @akcook for this startlingly accurate portrait.

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