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John’s childhood

Resident scoocher artist @akcook has rendered another striking representation, this time of John’s childhood (Molly is there too). Other children of the 90s, play along to seek and find: bubble tape, ring pop, Little Foot from Land Before Time.

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Robot Dispatch

Brilliant and stunningly accurate artist @akcook has rendered another image of the Radio Dispatch studio, expertly capturing Molly’s relationship with her new Roomba.

John, "we have a show to record, Molly." Molly, "I said 30 degrees PORT, not STARBOARD, Roomba!"

John, “we have a show to record, Molly.”
Molly, “I said 30 degrees PORT, not STARBOARD, Roomba!”

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Radio Dispatch Visual Representation


Caption from the artist, @akcook:

“(especially smug) John and his *pomegranate pancakes* blueberry pancake progress.
Molly sitting improperly in any chair that is not an office chair.
OWL in front of how I always imagine Brooklyn.

Missing: standup desk, manface, hack my heart manuscripts, kinnect Zumba, gitmo merch, simpsons posters, scoocher bench…

*edit: scrap that* “

Thanks to @akcook for this startlingly accurate portrait.

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Hack My Heart: The Movie Poster

Hello, Scoochers! Earlier this week, we decided to collectively write a romantic comedy about Bush and Cheney’s strained relationship in the White House. It will be called “Hack My Heart,” and you should all feel free to contribute a scene. Our web designer, Abbie (@LinearEh), has already made an amazing movie poster:


This will be the greatest movie ever collectively written.

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The School-to-Prison Pipeline: A Nationwide Problem for Equal Rights

Hello again, Scoochers! Molly here. Happy Friday, if Friday is in fact your Friday. Here at Radio Dispatch, we’re finishing off our first official Five Days a Week Week, which has been great. We look forward to many more.

Here’s my latest piece at Rolling Stone, about the school-to-prison pipeline. A lot of people have heard the phrase, but I know that, until recently, I didn’t understand many of the specifics. The NYCLU just released a report detailing how the criminalization of school discipline disproportionately affects Black, low-income, and disabled students. The details are stunning. Please take a look and share!

The School-to-Prison Pipeline: A Nationwide Problem for Equal Rights




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Picturing an End to New York City’s Homelessness Crisis

Hi Scoochers, Molly here. Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of writing about Picture the Homeless, a grassroots organization founded and led by homeless people. PTH does amazing work around housing, civil rights, and police brutality, and I got to speak with two leaders there, Kendall Jackman and Jean Rice, about the end of Bloomberg and their plans for the future.

This is my first piece at In These Times, also. Go have a look! And share if you’d like. Even though Bloomberg’s out and de Blasio is in, it’s still just as important– more important, arguably– to put pressure on him by keeping issues like the housing crisis in the spotlight.

Picturing an End to New York City’s Homelessness Crisis

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Individuals from worlds apart, united by the trauma of US drone strikes

John here. Last Sunday I got to go to Washington, DC to speak with Rafiq ur Rehman and his two children about a strike (almost certainly from a US drone) that killed his mother last year. Rafiq, his son Zubair, and his daughter Nabeela were all incredibly kind and generous with their time. I wrote about it for RS’s website.

US foreign policy is, for most of us, totally abstract. The other part of my piece focuses on Brandon Bryant, a former drone operator who has come forward to challenge the legitimacy of how the current drone program operates. For Brandon, Rafiq, Zubair, and Nabeela, none of this is an abstraction.

I’d love it if you took a minute to read my piece, read their stories, and share if you’d like.

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