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We are back! It’s a new year, the same Trump and looming global catastrophe, and it’s MGG Thursdays. Melissa Gira Grant, via Twitter. 00:00 - Welcome to Radio Dispatch 00:30 - We are back in the news cycle 10:10 - Trump’s existential threat 27:33 - Melissa Gira Grant on the work part of workplace harassment 50:21 - A brief catch up on the Iran protests 60:00 - Credits, “A Gun Called Patience” by Alex Rose 61:07 - Finish
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We talk with Charlotte Shane, author of the recent Splinter News piece “We Harpies Want More.” Also, we catch up on Hawaii, the looming government shutdown, and the latest official shithouse accounts. 00:00 - Welcome to Radio Dispatch 00:30 - The Shithole Diaries 21:50 - Charlotte Shane on the power and potential of Me Too 47:31 - Shutdown Countdown 52:35 - What we should learn from Hawaii 60:17 - Credits, “Nitelite” by Remy 61:12 - Finish
We talk with Shane Burley, author of “Fascism Today: What it is and how to end it.” Also, an article by a woman accusing Aziz Ansari of assault has led to a discussion that shows a lot of people don’t really understand consent, and a terrifying scare in Hawaii. Shane Burley, via Twitter 00:00 - Welcome to Radio Dispatch 00:30 - The response to the Aziz Ansari story (content note) 20:23 - Shane Burley on “Fascism Today” 51:50 - Final thoughts on consent and safety 60:16 - Credits, “Coco Pebbles” by Remy 61:23 - Finish
We speak with Daffodil Altan, producer of the documentary “Rape on the Night Shift,” a collaborative investigation by FRONTLINE on PBS, the Investigative Reporting Program at UC Berkeley, Univision, Reveal from The Center for Investigative Reporting, and KQED. Also, we just passed the 16th anniversary of Guantanamo Bay’s time as a prison for accused terrorists, and a look at last week’s FISA court vote. Frontline   00:00 - Welcome to Radio Dispatch 00:30 - “Conversation” isn’t the same as confrontation 20:07 - Daffodil Altan on “Rape on the Night Shift” 42:32 - The FISA court vote further entrenches surveillance power 51:38 - 16 years of “War on Terror” GTMO prisoners 56:30 - Credits, “Counting the Days” by Mosquitos 58:04 - Finish
It’s Martin Luther King Junior Day, Jesse Myerson is here to talk about the opioid crisis and Ahed Tamimi, and the reaction to Trump describing black countries as shitholes. Jesse Myerson, via Twitter. 00:00 - Welcome to Radio Dispatch 00:30 - Shithole - gate 31:10 - Jesse Myerson on white opioid users, Zionism and Ahed Tamimi 53:35 - Thoughts on Dr. King 59:58 - Credits, “Boom Box (BTR Live Studio 2017)” by Mosquitos 60:56 - Finish
Serena Williams’ birth story illustrates the high risks for black mothers, and the woman who started the Shitty Men in Media list comes forward after a Harpers journalist planned to out her, with a belated MGG Friday. Melissa Gira Grant, via Twitter 00:00 - Welcome to Radio Dispatch 00:30 - What’s the most socially responsible way to tip 14:58 - Black maternal mortality 36:29 - Melissa Gira Grant on the Shitty Media Men list 57:22 - Credits, “Far like Stars (BTR Live Studio 2017)” by Mosquitos 58:44 - Finish
Bannon got canned, a panel of North Carolina judges strikes down a gerrymandered map, Michelle Williams got screwed over in refilming All the Money in the World, and listener mail. Photo by Gage Skidmore courtesy of Wikimedia Commons 00:00 - Welcome to Radio Dispatch 00:30 - Making art with 5th graders 16:36 - The significance of Bannon’s ouster 36:50 - North Carolina judges rule on gerrymandering 50:00 - Mark Wahlerg must be shot into space 57:45 - Credits, “Giving Yourself Over” by Lime Cordiale 59:02 - Finish
A new study finds that American children are 70% more likely to die before adulthood than other rich countries, Trump rescinds protected status 200,000 Salvadorans, and listener mail. Photo by Yomosa courtesy of Wikimedia Commons 00:00 - Welcome to Radio Dispatch 00:30 - The great post snow slushening 11:55 - The Democrats and 2020 and Oprah 28:23 - CHIP and child mortality rates 50:29 - A short history of Temporary Protected Status for Salvadorans 59:44 - Credits, “Up In the Air” by Lime Cordiale 60:38 - Finish
Sarah Jaffe joins us to discuss Jet Blue flight attendants’ effort to unionize, and the importance of the Poor People’s Campaign. Also, thoughts on the Golden Globes, and some Baltimore public schools remain without heat. Sarah Jaffe, via Twitter 00:00 - Welcome to Radio Dispatch 00:30 - The Golden Globes tried, and sometimes succeeded 19:43 - Thoughts on Oprah 28:42 - Sarah Jaffe on Jet Blue and the Poor People’s Campaign 52:02 - Freezing Baltimore classrooms 59:27 - Credits, “City of Roses” by Sufjan Stevens 60:45 - Finish