The State Of The Union Is Bad

We spend the show looking at the implications of Trump’s State of the Union speech. 00:00 - Welcome to Radio Dispatch 00:30 - Sobriety and the SOTU 12:27 - Trump using brown people to advance his agenda 25:17 - The horrifying story of the cop who took a drug user’s baby 49:26 - Trump defends Guantanamo 58:38 - Credits, “Never Let You Down” by Bark Bark Disco 59:47 - Finish
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Talking carefully about the reports that the shooter trained with a white supremacist group, and how the survivors are shaping the narrative. Also, all immigration bills fail in the Senate. Marco Rubio Photo by Max Goldberg courtesy of Wikipedia Commons 00:00 - Welcome to Radio Dispatch 00:30 - Go see Black Panther immediately 10:34 - More on the Florida shooting and thoughts on how we’re talking about the shooter 28:01 - The value of the students’ voices in the media aftermath 45:18 - Best practices for talking about alleged connections to fascist groups 60:26 - Credits, “The Weather” by Daniel Docherty 61:22 - Finish
A 19-year-old school shooter has killed 17 students and staff in a Florida high school, and Jesse Myerson is here to talk about it with us. Jesse Myerson, via Twitter.   00:00 - Welcome to Radio Dispatch 00:30 - Processing the school shooting in Florida 13:13 - Fatalism about gun control policies 43:35 - Jesse Myerson on American culture and gun violence 60:29 - Credits, “Imagining Love” by Daniel Docherty 61:24 - Finish
Mike Konczal is back to talk about the way we talk about the deficit. Also, Trump wants to replace food stamps with shelf stable “harvest” boxes, and the FBI blows up the White House’s Porter timeline.      Mike Konczal, via Twitter 00:00 - Welcome to Radio Dispatch 00:30 - What is the judging criteria at a dog show? 15:27 - Mike Konczal on the GOP’s relationship with the deficit 34:39 - More thoughts on “Blue Apron for poor people” 53:19 - The White House appears to have lied about when it knew about Porter 60:17 - Credits, “Danny” by Hockey Dad 61:08 - Finish
Happy Valentines Day! John has a new story about refugee resettlement under Trump, and a once powerful education reform organization in the northeast has crumbled after its leader was accused of sexual assault.    Bret Stephens Photo by Вени Марковски and  Veni Markovski courtesy of Wikimedia Commons   00:00 - Welcome to Radio Dispatch 00:30 - Lent 16:57 - Bret Stephens, Ross Douthat and Bari Weiss all swing and miss 43:20 - Families for Excellent Schools implodes 59:51 - Credits, “Hold Me” by Daniel Docherty 60:56 - Finish
We talk with Marcela Gaviria, producer of the new Frontline documentary “The Gang Crackdown.” Also, we catch up on listener mail for real this time.    Frontline 00:00 - Welcome to Radio Dispatch 00:30 - Happy Mardi Gras! 06:09 - Marcela Gaviria on Frontline’s “The Gang Crackdown” 27:34 - Listener mail catch up 57:13 - Credits, “The Soft Season” by Hookworms 58:48 - Finish
A great piece by Katherine Cross looks at the pressure put on Chelsea Manning after her release from prison, the Democrats need to start figuring out more specific messaging as the elections get closer, and listener mail. photo by Tim Travers Hawkins courtesy of Wikimedia Commons 00:00 - Welcome to Radio Dispatch 00:30 - John and Molly write a rom com about the government shutdown 15:41 - Democrats need to get better at messaging, ASAP 49:00 - The humanity of Chelsea Manning 58:18 - Credits, “Survive” by Hollie Cook 59:37 - Finish
Jesse Myerson is here to talk about the shortcomings of how we talk about racist systems, and the White House knew Rob Porter had been accused of domestic abuse, and Nancy Pelosi does a symbolic gesture for DACA. Jesse Myerson, via Twitter. 00:00 - Welcome to Radio Dispatch 00:30 - Is Serafina like other cats? 08:03 - The allegations against Rob Porter 16:25 - The Senate deal and missing DACA protections 23:18 - Jesse Myerson on solidarity, not altruism 57:21 - Credits, “What I Want” by Anna Burch 58:42 - Finish
The stock market seems to have bounced back but we discuss how an economic crash could facilitate the rise of fascism in the US, and we actually catch up on listener mail. photo by Jebulon courtesy of Wikimedia 00:00 - Welcome to Radio Dispatch 00:30 - The case for phoning it in 16:35 - Trump’s military parade and the GOP march toward fascism 29:49 - What an economic downturn could mean for fascist organizing 48:06 - Listener mail 58:46 - Credits, “In Your Dreams” by Anna Burch 59:58 - Finish