It’s JAMJAM Fridays and Jesse Myerson is here to talk about a leftist vision of gun regulation. Also, Molly has a piece in Teen Vogue about racial disparities in youth incarceration, and Morning John on Rex Tillerson calling Trump a moron. 00:00 - Welcome to Radio Dispatch 00:30 - It’s been a hard week 03:37 - Morning John on Dem gun control efforts and Rex Tillerson 25:35 - Jesse and Molly talk youth incarceration 42:40 - A leftist vision of gun reduction 58:30 - Credits, “Relief” by Nadine Shah 59:38 - Finish
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Doug Jones wins in Alabama, and a celebratory pile of listener mail. Doug Jones Photo courtesy of Digital Campaign Manager Doug Jones for Senate via Wikimedia Commons 00:00 - Welcome to Radio Dispatch 00:30 - Doug Jones won in Alabama! 10:30 - Let’s name the white supremacy of the GOP 40:50 - Listener mail catch up 57:50 - From here, we turn it over to BRAND NEW holiday shows! 58:43 - Credits, “Try Harder” by Mavis Staples 60:06 - Finish
A young boy and his family’s backstory brings the internet on a roller coaster about bullying and racism, the New York Times’ style guide is unbearable in its efforts at neutrality, and Trump’s accusers call for a congressional investigation into his sexual misconduct. Anti bullying photo courtesy of Ανώνυμος Βικιπαιδιστής via Wikimedia Commons 00:00 - Welcome to Radio Dispatch 00:30 - Roy Moore’s anti - Semitism 17:30 - A deep dive on Keaton and the way we talk about bullying 50:26 - How the NYT sanitizes sexual assault and anti - Semitism 58:31 - Credits, “No Hands Pete” by Prettiest Eyes 59:43 - Finish
It’s the day of the special election in Alabama and we look at the discourse around evangelicals and Trump, a Washington Post story looks in detail at how the tax plan abandoned the middle class, and the Times story on Trump’s day to day life. Moore Rally Photo by HumbleGod via Wikimedia Commons 00:00 - Welcome to Radio Dispatch 00:30 - Happy Hanukkah! 14:52 - Evangelical values and Trump 34:58 - How the tax plan abandons right wing populism 53:51 - Trump’s views every day like a TV battle 58:35 - “December” by Joel Gion 59:56 - Finish
Roy Moore thinks America was great during slavery, and listener responses to some of our recent discussions.      photo courtesy of United States Congress via Wikimedia Commons 00:00 - Welcome to Radio Dispatch 00:30 - Haircuts and social interaction 22:17 - Trent Franks asked his staffers to be surrogates 35:29 - Roy Moore’s not just sexist, he’s racist as hell 45:28 - Listener mail 57:56 - Credits, “On and On Corridor” by OCS 58:59 - Finish
Jesse Myerson is here to talk about how the GOP will use the tax bill to further cut Social Security and Medicare, and new info on Flynn’s side projects as National Security Advisor, and thoughts on the calls for Franken to resign.    Jesse Myerson, via Twitter 00:00 - Welcome to Radio Dispatch 00:30 - Why Franken should resign 30:04 - Jesse Myerson on how the deficit will be used to cut social programs 59:06 - Credits, “The Greatest Gift” by Sufjan Stevens 60:17 - Finish
It’s MGG Thursday and Melissa Gira Grant is here to talk about the Time Person of the Year cover story and the firing of Sam Seder. Also, Trump is about to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.      Melissa Gira Grant, via Twitter. 00:00 - Welcome to Radio Dispatch 00:30 - Time’s Person of the Year 13:10 - Trump’s Jerusalem announcement 30:54 - MGG on MSNBC and Sam Seder 58:01 - “Build a Bridge” by Mavis Staples 59:13 - Finish
MSNBC fires Sam Seder after a smear campaign by Mike Cernovich, Robert Mueller subpoenas Deutsche Bank, and more on the tax plan.    Robert S. Mueller III Photo by Federal Bureau of Investigation courtesy of Wikimedia Commons 00:00 - Welcome to Radio Dispatch 00:30 - When anticipation is better than the gifts 24:49 - What the tax plan does to schools 45:02 - Mueller subpoenas Deutsche Bank 58:12 - “Hope in a Box” by Tomas Barfod 59:36 - Finish
Mike Ludwig joins us to discuss the looming vote on net neutrality, and Congress passed the horrifying tax bill in the middle of the night on Friday.      Mike Ludwig, via Twitter 00:00 - Welcome to Radio Dispatch 00:30 - A brief overview of the tax bill passed on Friday night 22:58 - Morning John on what comes next 35:53 - Mike Ludwig on net neutrality 59:03 - Credits, “Coattails” by Alex Rose 60:18 - Finish