Mick Mulvaney Does Bribes

Mick Mulvaney admits to accepting bribes, Colorado lawmaker proposes jailing teachers who strike, Hank Azaria responds to the criticisms of Apu in a nearly unprecedentedly thoughtful way.

Hank Azaria

photo by Nick Aleck courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

00:00 – Welcome to Radio Dispatch
00:30 – Molly keeps falling into a deep sleep on the subway
18:32 – Mick Mulvaney accidently said he does bribes
39:24 – Hank Azaria responds to criticisms
57:47 – Credits, “I Feel You” by Alexis Taylor
58:52 – Finish

Waffle House Shooter Arrested

The Waffle House shooter in Nashville has been arrested, Jonathan Chait thinks women should stop being victims, and listener mail.

Kirsten Gillibrand

photo by Congress courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

00:00 – Welcome to Radio Dispatch
00:30 – The biological determinism around pregnancy
21:12 – The language of terrorism and the Waffle House shooting
40:19 – Chait, Drum, and Internet liberalism gone full conservative
57:31 – Credits, “Deep Cut” by Alexis Taylor
58:39 – Finish

Frontline’s “Trafficked in America”

We talk with Andres Cediel, producer of tonight’s Frontline documentary in collaboration with the Investigative Reporting Program at UC Berkeley, “Trafficked in America.” Also, the CIA’s domestic propaganda campaign, and the Waffle House shooter claims to be a sovereign citizen.


00:00 – Welcome to Radio Dispatch
00:30 – Molly’s gender reveal: It’s a baby!
22:23 – Andres Cediel on “Trafficked in America”
47:29 – The CIA’s domestic propaganda campaign for Gina Haspel
58:29 – Credits, “Rejoice” by Fiddlehead
59:40 – Finish

Listener Mail Catch Up

We catch up with listener mail on education and parenting, and also on Richard Cohen’s terrible WaPo op ed about male privilege.


photo by Émile Bayard courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

00:00 – Welcome to Radio Dispatch
00:30 – Teaching history with no analysis of power
30:22 – Listener mail on teaching and parenting
52:58 – Richard Cohen thinks of the men
60:03 – Credits, “You’re Better Off Alone” by L.A. Salami
60:48 – Finish

Pompeo Goes to North Korea

Pompeo goes to North Korea, NYC’s new school chancellor discourages walk-outs from New York City students, Richard Cohen is the mascot of white privilege, and Cardi B is right.

Tammy Duckworth

photo by Rudi Williams courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

00:00 – Welcome to Radio Dispatch
00:30 – Male senators want Tammy Duckworth to vote from the coat room with her baby
24:06 – Cardi B is right, says Bernie Sanders
33:31 – Trump’s accidentally right about meeting with North Korea
49:58 – The new NYC school chancellor discourages walk – outs
59:50 – Credits, “I’ll Tell You Why” by L.A. Salami
60:51 – Finish

Working Families Party Endorses Nixon

The Working Families Party endorses Cynthia Nixon in the New York governors race, a potential new war authorization in Congress, and listener mail.

Working Families Party

00:00 – Welcome to Radio Dispatch
00:30 – Tax Day explainer and the upcoming school walk out
21:23 – Cynthia Nixon and the changing power of the left
43:53 – A new “bipartisan” authorization for war
58:52 – Credits, “Shine” by Peach Kelli Pop
59:47 – Finish

Starbucks Racism

Two black men are arrested for waiting to meet a friend in Starbucks, it appears that Michael Cohen is Sean Hannity’s lawyer, and more thoughts on liberal nationalism and Syria.

Sean Hannity

photo by Michael Vadon courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

00:00 – Welcome to Radio Dispatch
00:30 – Michael Cohen may or may not be Sean Hannity’s lawyer
24:43 – Racism at Starbucks
51:01 – The failings of liberal nationalism
58:15 – Credits, “First Touch of Light” by The Amazing
59:08 – Finish

Frontline’s “McCain”

Frontline’s Michael Kirk is back to discuss tonight’s documentary “McCain.” Also, the US has bombed Syria, and James Comey gave his first interview since being fired.


00:00 – Welcome to Radio Dispatch
00:30 – A lot of news happened over the weekend
11:49 – Michael Kirk on John McCain and the current political moment
33:38 – The US bombing of Syria last Friday night
51:12 – Thoughts on the Comey interview
59:55 – Credits, “The Unanswerable” by Eels
60:54 – Finish

Comey Talks

Comey’s upcoming book has the DC class praising him as a resistance hero, Mike Pompeo’s confirmation hearing, and listener mail.

James Comey

photo by Federal Bureau of Investigation courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

00:00 – Welcome to Radio Dispatch
00:30 – The family that sings Les Mis
21:26 – The value and limits of Comey’s memoir
40:24 – Mike Pompeo’s confirmation hearing
53:03 – Listener mail on the potential Scooter Libby pardon
58:27 – Credits, “Backwoods Ritual” by Dusted
59:31 – Finish

Kentucky Teachers Walk Out Again

Kentucky teachers are protesting at the capitol today, more thoughts on Paul Ryan’s legacy, Cynthia Nixon calls out the racist way that marijuana laws are enforced, and the Access Hollywood tape is named in the reasons for the Cohen raid.

Paul Ryan

photo by United States House of Representatives courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

00:00 – Welcome to Radio Dispatch
00:30 – Trump’s like a kid in the principal’s office
14:40 – Kentucky teachers continue protesting for their pensions
29:33 – Cynthia Nixon connects marijuana legalization to racial justice
48:28 – The Access Hollywood tape’s role in the Cohen subpoena
55:20 – What happens after Paul Ryan
60:14 – Credits, “The Epiphany” by Eels
61:17 – Finish

Lawmakers Defer to Zuckerberg

Zuckerberg testifies before the Senate, goodbye Paul Ryan, and Trump thinks he can fire Mueller.

Mark Zuckerberg
photo by Presidência do México via Wikimedia Commons

00:00 – Welcome to Radio Dispatch
00:30 – Our zombie play is finished
21:45 – Mark Zuckerberg testifies before a deferential Senate
39:50 – Trump thinks he has the authority to fire Mueller
51:10 – The significance of Paul Ryan leaving
58:38 – Credits, “The Fox in Motion” by Hop Along
59:44 – Finish

Michael Cohen Raided

The FBI has raided Michael Cohen’s office and hotel room, the Simpsons dismisses Hari Kondabolu’s criticisms of Apu, and listener mail.

Hari Kondabolu

Photo by Sumanah courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

00:00 – Welcome to Radio Dispatch
00:30 – The Michael Cohen raid
42:00 – Seeing the big Trump picture while maintaining a criticism of the justice system
50:33 – The Simpsons insults Hari Kondabolu’s criticisms of Apu
58:37 – Credits, “Today is the Day” by Eels
59:39 – Finish

Frontline’s Michael Kirk on “Trump’s Takeover”

We talk with filmmaker Michael Kirk on his new Frontline documentary “Trump’s Takeover,” a look at the chemical weapons attack in Syria, and what we’ve learned about the NYPD killing of Saheed Vassell in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

Frontline PBS

00:00 – Welcome to Radio Dispatch
00:30 – A report back from the cat convention
19:07 – Michael Kirk on “Trump’s Takeover”
41:44 – The chemical weapons attack in Syria
52:08 – Updates on the killing of Saheed Vassell
59:02 – Credits, “Space to Grieve” by No Thank You
59:56 – Finish

Child Discipline is Capitalist

It’s a listener prompted show! We discuss an article on the relationship between discipline and capitalism, and listener mail on graduate school and leaving Facebook.

photo by Amolnaik3k courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

00:00 – Welcome to Radio Dispatch
00:30 – Our pitches for cat shows
08:10 – Discipline of children as a capitalist necessity
49:02 – Listener mail
58:43 – Credits, “Saved” by Bonny Doon
59:41 – Finish