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Good afternoon Scoochers!

Here are the links for today’s show:

We talk with Micah Uetricht about how labor leaders failed in this election: Labor Leaders Deserve Their Share of the Blame for Donald Trump’s Victory

We also talk about how terrifying it is that the drone program will now be handed to a Trump administration.

We spend the rest of the time on listener mail, which has been wonderful and please keep it coming.

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Good afternoon, Scoochers!

On today’s show, we talk a lot about education. I reference this piece on ed reformers’ reactions to a Trump presidency: The day after: Hard questions as education reform wakes up to Trump’s America

Good afternoon, Scoochers!

Here are the links for today’s show:

We talk with Sarah Jaffe– read her in the Times: The Democrats’ Deadly Error

Donald Trump: Women Will ‘Have To Go To Another State’ For Abortions If Roe V. Wade Is Repealed

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Today is more processing. Links and more to come in the following days.

Read Sarah Jaffe in the New York Times: The Democrats’ Deadly Error

A list of good organizations to contribute to from Jezebel (we don’t endorse all of these but many are good): A List of Pro-Women, Pro-Immigrant, Pro-Earth, Anti-Bigotry Organizations That Need Your Support

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We recorded this show on the morning of Election Day. We do our best to process all this.

Listener Jake recommends checking out Oh Hello on Broadway! It is his Broadway lighting design debut!

Listener Kitt recommends the movie Certain Women!: The Quiet Feminism of Certain Women

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Good afternoon, Scoochers!

Happy Election Day. We’re here. And here for you.

Here are the links for today’s show:

Comey is a ***hole.

John’s latest for Truthout: Down Ballot Republicans Jump at Chance to Emulate Trump

Latina Hotel Workers Harness Force of Labor and of Politics in Las Vegas

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From our Leftist in Law School correspondent Will, please read his explanation of the history behind the land dispute: Worcester v. Georgia, 31 U.S. 515 (1832)

We read and discuss on today’s show. Read Will’s blog, Solidarity Law, on the regular!

Good afternoon, Scoochers!

Here are the links for today’s show:

Louis C.K., Michael Moore, Hillary Clinton, and the rise of benevolent sexism in liberal men

If You Want to Avoid Getting Hacked, Hire Women

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Good afternoon, Scoochers!

Today, we spend the hour on Lindy West’s incredible book, Shrill: Notes from a Loud Woman.

Buy it!

Write us if you’ve read it!

Good afternoon, Scoochers!

Here are the links for today’s show:

We talk about John’s recent visit to a Trump rally in New Hampshire– he has two upcoming pieces about it which we’ll post when they’re up!

We also talk about the NYT reporting that Trump is officially a tax cheat:

Donald Trump Used Legally Dubious Method to Avoid Paying Taxes

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