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Show notes for today’s episode, 2/5/16

Good afternoon, Scoochers–

Here’s the main story we talk about on today’s episode:

Are charter schools the new subprime loans? (Think ‘The Big Short’)

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Show Notes for 2/5/16

Hi there scoochers! Once again, this show was recorded a little bit in advance, but the stories are depressingly, constantly relevant.

First off, we discuss this story from the Washington Post about the parallels between charter schools and subprime mortgages.

After that, we talk about this Atlantic story that dissects the myth that Obama “lost” Iraq.

The outro music is “Dhyana by the River” by Jenny Gillespie.

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Show Notes for 2/4/16

Hi there scoochers! This was another of our “donut hole” shows, where some of it was recorded ahead of time and some is in the present.

We’re really excited to have friend-of-the-show Jesse Myerson back on to talk about the statistical tie between Sanders and Clinton in Iowa.

There wasn’t a specific article or articles we talked about, so just look over his twitter feed.

The outro song was “Cascade” by the band High Highs. Sounds pretty awesome to me.

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Show notes for 2/3/16

Hey Scoochers! Big show today, as we go over the results of the Iowa Caucuses. What does it mean for the Sanders and Clinton campaigns, how do Cruz and Rubio fare now, and what does the future look like for Trumptainment.

We also talk about a recent Inverse story of mine, find that here.

The outro music is “Peacockin Party” by Benji Hughes.

One last note. John mentioned this on the show, but we’ve changed our recording settings slightly. Let us know if you can hear a difference and if it sounds any clearer.

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Show notes for today’s episode, 2/1/16

Good afternoon, Scoochers!

On today’s show, we talk with Art Reyes at the Center for Popular Democracy (@popdemoc) about the water crisis in Flint, Michigan.

We spend the rest of the hour on the Trumpless GOP debate and listener mail.

The outro music is “Part Time Love” by Pillar Point.

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Show notes for today’s episode, 1/29/16

Good afternoon, Scoochers!

Once again, we spend today’s show discussing a Ta-Nehisi Coates piece. It’s been an amazing week to read him.

The Case for Considering Reparations

And the outro music is “New Ways” by Daughter.

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Show notes for today’s episode, 1/28/16

Good afternoon, Scoochers!

Here are the links for today’s show:

Barack Obama on why he’s banning juvenile solitary confinement

Ban on Solitary for Juveniles in Federal Prison Could Ignite State Reforms

Hillary Clinton Goes Back to the Dunning School

And the outro music is “Each Other” by Aidan Knight.

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