Scenes from #HackMyHeart: Bush and Cheney’s Darkest Moment

Hi Scoochers, here’s another #HackMyHeart scene, contributed by our website designer @LinearEh. It is also amazing. It’s all coming together!

(This is a pivotal dramatic scene that occurs around the midpoint of the film, where Cheney and Bush’s relationship reaches its darkest moment. Cheney has been asking Bush to pardon his friend Scooter Libby, and Bush has invited him to dinner to give him his final decision.)


Cheney and Bush sit at opposite ends of a long table in an otherwise empty room. Both pick furtively at their food, eyes averted. The mood is tense.

Cheney looks up to see Bush now staring intently. The president shakes his head- almost imperceptibly- but the message is received.


I’m sorry, Dicky.

Cheney’s eyes lock back on his plate.


I’m the decider, and I decide what is best. And what’s best is for Scooter to remain… unpardoned.

A long silence. Cheney does not offer a response.


A decision had to be made…

Cheney slams down his silverware, cutting Bush off.


With all due respect sir, go fuck yourself. You’re leaving a good man wounded on the field of battle.


Dicky, listen to me! Listen. I want to help ya. I really do. I already communaled his sentence. He ain’t never gunna see the inside or outside of a jail. I promise ya. What more do ya want?

Cheney stares at the president for a long moment. His demeanor softens, to the extent that is possible.


Don’t make me beg, George.


Don’t make me beg.

Bush shoves a large bite of steak into his mouth.


Ya already been begging, Dicky. And I told ya. Yessir, a good man had to fall on his sword. Done us a solid, sword-wise. If not for Scooty, that sword would still be hanging over us, like that… what they call that sword of Damascus. Why would we want that? No, Dicky-

He gestures at the ceiling.


-Ain’t no swords here, not on my watch.

Glaring, Cheney stands up, wiping his mouth with his linen napkin. He wordlessly pushes his chair in and turns his back on the president.

As he reaches the door, he stops, but does not turn around.


He didn’t have any last words.


I’m sorry?

[Note: This refers to an earlier plot point where Cheney murdered Tim Russert (and covered it up) to protect Scooter Libby. (I imagine him delivering the classic Bond-villain monologue to Russert.)]


Russert. You once asked what his last words were. Well, he didn’t have any. I didn’t give him the chance. For in my heart… or in what *was* my heart… there exists not the emotion you humans call “mercy”. I lost it long ago. But when, George…

He turns around to face his old friend.


When did you lose your heart as well?

Cheney opens the door and exits the dining room. Bush slowly chews his steak.


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